You may be wondering if you actually need to hire a professional designer for your project. With the abundance of photos and information on things like Pinterest, Houzz and HGTV, it may seem like something you can handle on your own. It may also seem like a logical way to save a few bucks that you can spend on other areas of your project. In reality, a remodeling project is very complicated, involving many parts that all need to be carefully selected and coordinated in order to run smoothly. After all, you wouldn’t attempt to perform surgery after browsing on WebMD and watching ER. It is for those same reasons – and specifically those listed below - you should seek out professional help before starting a remodeling project.

  • Project schedule and coordination - if you have never remodeled your home, you might be surprised at how much goes into what may seem like a simple project. A professional kitchen and bath designer has experience in coordinating all of the moving parts that involve a remodel. We have established relationships with many vendors and contractors that we trust to provide quality craftsmanship on any aspect of your project. Our experience will also help you to avoid mistakes that can cost money in re-ordering of materials or cause delays during construction.

  • Help budget wisely – where should you spend your money and where might you be able to save. Believe it or not, we typically will help you keep your overall project costs down. There are many areas where it makes sense to spend money to get a long lasting product that holds its value. There are also many areas where we have access to products that achieve a higher end look at a lower price point. We guide all of our clients to balance this throughout every stage of their project.

  • Making the space both beautiful and functional – this is truly something only an experienced designer can do. It’s easy to do one or the other, however it is a skill to be able to do both. An honest and knowledgeable designer will also advise you to make the appropriate decisions for your neighborhood and home to ensure a lasting design and adding value to your home without overdoing it. We understand design trends and the real estate market and will help advise you to make smart decisions that add to your home’s value.
  • Knowledge and access to specialized resources – we are constantly exploring all that is new and innovative in the world of design and can bring something to the project you may not be aware exists. Whether it is a unique product or a craftsman to create an element of the design, we follow the trends and have the ability to incorporate something special into to every project. That great photo you’ve pinned on Pinterest – we can make that happen!


Save time and reduce stress. Be confident throughout the entire design and construction process. Have fun and enjoy the experience. There are a lot of decisions to be made before we even begin construction! We will narrow down the choices to make the selection process easier, get everything priced and ordered at the right time, and coordinate delivery. During construction things can come up that need to be answered quickly and with knowledge in order to keep moving. We work with the team onsite to address any issues with your best interest always in mind.

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