Although each client and project is unique, the structure of our process stays consistent. Our primary goal on every project is to keep things organized and clear, working on things in the right order so that we are making all of the necessary decisions at the right time. Keeping the project on track and in order is essential to avoiding mistakes, needing rushed answers, and making smart decisions at every step.


Our first step is to schedule a meeting at your home to discuss the project. At this time, we are also interviewing each other to make sure we are a good fit – a remodeling project can be a long process and it is important that we both feel comfortable working with each other. We will ask a lot of questions in order to get important information from you about your project such as what works and doesn’t work in your home, what your overall project goals are, look at photos you have saved to show us examples of your style and taste, discuss what budget range you have set, discuss timelines and any other circumstances regarding your project. We will take all of this information and give you initial feedback on what scope of work makes sense for you, the services we can provide for you, what timelines we can meet, design fees, and the next steps.


For most projects, the next step will be to enter into a design contract. If your project requires drawings, we will present these to you with preliminary budgets shortly after our initial meeting. At this time we will look at floorplans and walk you through a 3D version of your space so you can visualize your new space. We’ll also pull together finishes to give you an idea of what we are envisioning the main materials to be. We discuss the qualities and of the different choices so you have an understanding of the specifics that we have put into each budget number.


Once we have an overall design layout, it is time to pick materials. Depending on your project we may be looking at cabinetry, hardware, countertops, tile, flooring, plumbing fixtures, appliances, light fixtures, paint colors, etc. It can be a lot of choices and might seem overwhelming. We will lead you on what needs to be selected first and we will also narrow down the options so you can easily choose what you like and what best fits your project. We will either take you shopping to our vendors or show you samples to make these choices, will educate you as to the advantages/disadvantages of each, and guide you to make an educated decision for each item.


Depending on the size of your project, we will either manage the work onsite or work as a liason with a contractor who will be handling the work. We can provide a recommendation for your project or we can work with someone if you already have a preferred contractor. No matter what, we will be involved during the implementation of the design to ensure that your vision is being properly executed so that the end result meets or exceeds your expectations. We will be there to answer any questions from you or the contractor, address any issues that might arise, and be an advocate for your best interests at all times.


As your project is wrapping up, we will continue to be there to make sure all of the final details get taken care of. If there are any warranty issues with any product or install, we will assist in getting those quickly resolved. We will be there if you have any questions on maintenance once you are settled back in. Our goal is to establish a long relationship with each of our clients so that we can be a source of expertise in any home related projects or questions.